Axe Cop is Gleefully Ridiculous

Axe Cop is voiced by Ron Swanson himself.

In the first episode of Axe Cop (airing on Fox Saturdays at 10 PM CST) the titular character remarks that he will jump his car off a ramp into space, and is able to simply because the ramp is “very high.” It doesn’t matter that Axe Cop doesn’t ever give any explanation or anything that happens on the show, because the show is gleefully ridiculous.

Wherein a “normal” show the lack of plausibility would anger me and other viewers, Axe Cop actually gains from its lack of plausibility. Because of this lack of plausibility and gives minimal explanation, it is entirely apparent that one of the show’s (and original comics which the show is based upon) co-creators is an 8 year old boy, and that is not a bad thing.

Voicing the titular character of Axe Cop is Ron Swanson himself, the one and only Nick Offerman. I’m sure you can imagine already, but Nick Offerman is sublime in his voice work. An amateur voice actor probably would have embraced the weirdness and quirkiness of the show (after all, the network has branded it ADHD, Animation Domination High Definition), but Offerman plays it cool and nothing rubs off as too abrasive.

The lack of plausibility and explanation pairs wonderfully with the show’s breakneck pace, and at the end of the show’s brisk 15 minute running time, you aren’t particularly able to tell what hit you. It may sound too outlandish or like an acquired taste, but I am incredibly grateful for a show this crazy. After watching Axe Cop, I want every show to be co-created by an 8 year old.

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